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Available as both mainstream and VIP tables, Auto Roulette features fast-paced, real live-wheel action with a high quality look-and-feel. More exciting and authentic than RNG Roulette, our Slingshot Auto Roulette is a great alternative or addition to live dealer Roulette. 

In Auto Roulette, there’s no live dealer. Instead the live game is powered by an advanced, fully automated, precision Roulette wheel capable of 60 to 80 games per hour, 24 hours a day.


The difference with this live dealer casino game is the fact that there is no dealer. Auto Roulette is not created to be a sociable game – it’s there for high rollers who want to play their games as fast as possible. This game is a VIP game suited to all stakes, but VIP’s can place big bets of up to 20,000 a time. Surprisingly, the minimum chip bet is just 0.20 which we weren’t expecting from a high roller roulette game. 

Auto Roulette games plays to standard European roulette rules and features 37 pockets and a single zero. If you’ve played roulette before you will know that there are numbers 1 to 36 on a European table. The usual bets you can expect can be found too, with the biggest payout being with the straight up bet which is 35 to 1. 

When it comes to placing your bets, the chip denominations are placed to the lower of your screen. Drago those chips and drop them where you’d like to place your bet and watch the wheel automatically shoot a ball onto the wheel to produce a winning outcome. Players can view the table and wheel from multiple angles. 

Auto Roulette has many similarities to other online roulette games, but the big difference is the ability to place mega stakes. Your screen will house a display where the recent numbers of the wheel can be found – to help you make your next bet decision. The game may look virtual, but the roulette wheel is real. 

There’s a house edge of 2.70% with Auto Roulette. 


The fast-paced action of this game won’t suit everyone, but we love how you can play as many as 80 games per hour. Standard European roulette games have you waiting several minutes between games – you won’t find that here. The stakes are raised, so no more table limits in place to keep you at a certain betting level. 

This is a 24/7 roulette game that is ready when you want to play and offers a luxury VIP feel to it. You don’t have to sit and listen to live dealers making idle chit-chat either as this live dealer game features no dealer – it’s a win win situation. 

Right here on this very site!

Desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet users can access the thrilling fast game of Auto Roulette and there are no downloads required either. Launch the game and it will load instantly thanks to flash and HTML5 technology.

This game is supplied by Evolution and is certified by the UK Gambling Commission as having been independently tested and up to the required standards for players in the UK.

If you experience any difficulties with this game or any other game you should follow our Complaints procedure and contact us.

Game rules

The objective in ROULETTE is to predict the number on which the ball will land by placing one or more bets that cover that particular number. The wheel includes the numbers 1-36 plus a single 0.

After the time allotted for betting has expired, the dealer releases the spinning ball within the roulette wheel. The ball will eventually come to rest in one of the numbered pockets within the wheel. You win if you have placed a bet that covers that particular number.

Bet Types

You can place many different kinds of bets on the Roulette table. Each type of bet covers a certain range of numbers, and each type has its own payout rate.

Bets that are made on the numbered space or on the lines between them are called Inside Bets, while the bets made on the special boxes below and to the left of the board are called Outside Bets.


Straight Up - place your chip directly on any single number (including zero).

Split Bet - place your chip on the line between any two numbers, either on the vertical or horizontal.

Street Bet - place your chip at the end of any row of numbers. A street bet covers three numbers.

Corner Bet - place your chip at the corner where four numbers meet. All four numbers are covered.

Line Bet - place your chip at the end of two rows on the intersection between them. A line bet covers all the numbers in both rows, for a total of six numbers.


Column Bet - place your chip in one of the boxes marked '2 to 1' at the end of the column that covers all 12 numbers in that column. The zero is not covered by any column bet.

Dozen Bet - place your chip in one of the three boxes marked '1st 12,' '2nd 12' or '3rd 12' to cover the twelve numbers above it.

Red/Black - place your chip on the Red or Black box to cover the 18 red or black numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.

Even/Odd - place your chip in one of these boxes to cover the 18 even or odd numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.

1-18/19-36 - place your chip on either of these boxes to cover the first or latter 18 numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.

Neighbour Bets

Click the NEIGHBOUR BETS button to view a special oval-shaped betting area that allows you to more easily place neighbour bets and other special bets. Re-click the button to close/re-open this feature.

Each bet covers a different set of numbers and offers different payout odds. Bet spots will be highlighted.

Tiers du Cylindre

This bet covers a total of twelve numbers that include 27, 33 and the numbers that lie between them on the side of the roulette wheel opposite to zero. 6 chips are placed as follows:

1 chip on the 5/8 split

1 chip on the 10/11 split

1 chip on the 13/16 split

1 chip on the 23/24 split

1 chip on the 27/30 split

1 chip on the 33/36 split

Orphelins a Cheval

This bet covers a total of eight numbers on the two segments of the roulette wheel not covered by the voisins du zero and tiers du cylindre bets above. 5 chips are placed as follows:

1 chip on 1 (straight up)

1 chip on the 6/9 split

1 chip on the 14/17 split

1 chip on the 17/20 split

1 chip on the 31/34 split

Voisins du Zero

This bet covers a total of seventeen numbers that include 22, 25 and the numbers that lie between them on the side of the roulette wheel that contains zero. 9 chips are placed as follows:

2 chips on the 0/2/3 street

1 chip on the 4/7 split

1 chip on the 12/15 split

1 chip on the 18/21 split

1 chip on the 19/22 split

2 chips on the 25/26/28/29 corner

1 chip on the 32/35 split

Jeu Zero

This bet covers zero and the six numbers in close proximity to zero on the roulette wheel: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15. 4 chips are placed as follows:

1 chip on the 0/3 split

1 chip on the 12/15 split

1 chip on 26 (straight up)

1 chip on the 32/35 split

[Paragraph disabled for mobile games]

A neighbour bet covers a particular number as well as other numbers that lie in close proximity to it on the roulette wheel. To place a neighbour bet, click a specific number on the racetrack. A chip will be placed on the chosen number and on numbers that neighbour it to the right and left. Click on the circular '-'or '+' button to increase or decrease the set of neighbours to the right and left of the chosen number.

A bet is placed only when it has been received by our server from your handset using our software. Once a bet has been placed it is final and binding and cannot be cancelled or changed. For the avoidance of doubt, a bet remains valid even if the result cannot for any reason be displayed back to your handset (due, for example, to a network failure, interruption of communication, or if you receive a phone call). In the event of a game termination, any relevant jackpot will be paid out on a random draw authorised by the regulator.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is up to 96.83%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company and monitored monthly.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay outs.

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.