Aztec Secrets mobile slot

Head back to ancient Mexico to track down the lost treasures of the Aztecs in this mobile casino slots adventure

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Aztec Secrets

This slot by 1x2 gaming pays homage to the Aztec civilisation with this slot game. The slot is framed in bamboo with an ornate stone banner at the top. The slot doesn’t feature classic reels, as the symbols simply fall into place. It is set against the backdrop of a blue Aztec sky, with a pyramid silhouetted in the distance. This slot is colourful and the symbols include Aztec warriors, animals and a female Aztec, with many of the symbols framed in stone.

This slot has five reels with 25 win lines across the reels, although you could simply play with one line depending on your choosing. You’ll also choose the coin value and the coin amount and the combination of the three will tell you the total stake for each spin. To achieve a win at this slot you’ll need to land the same symbol consecutively from left to right on a win line, with five in a row paying the top prizes. Three of any symbol will also give you a win.

The top paying symbol in the game is the Aztec mask, and will pay out 700x when landing 5 in a row. The lady set in stone is worth 650x and the male warrior pays 600x. The octopus and two headed snake pay out 550x and 500x. The symbols are completed by the playing card symbols from Jack to Ace, all set in stone.

The wild symbol is a golden coin, complete with golden face and several small colourful masks. This symbol will substitute for any other apart from the scatter and the bonus symbols. The wild only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The slot has two different scatter symbols. The first is called scatter, and is shown by a warrior in a golden mask. You’ll need to land it 3 times or more on a win line, as opposed to anywhere on the slot. Having landed it at least 3 times you’ll enter the free games round. The second scatter symbol is the bonus, shown by an ornate sun complete with tongue sticking out – once again, land 3 or more on the win line to enter the bonus round.

The free spins round sees any of your win amounts doubled with the 2x multiplier in play. In the bonus round you’ll find five rows of stepping stones which you will attempt to navigate to win a large cash prize. At the end of the rows sits a large stone figure; make it all the way to this figure and you will enjoy a cash windfall.

This game is supplied by NYX out of Malta and is certified by the UK Gambling Commission as having been independently tested and up to the required standards for players in the UK.

As such this game is not regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and it is outside of their jurisdiction. If you experience any difficulties with this game or any other game you should follow our Complaints procedure and contact us.

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Reality Checks

As part of our commitment to responsible gaming and helping you the player be in control we now offer a function in game to help you manage your play time by providing you with a recurring popup when your session time expires to help remind you to take regular breaks from your gambling.

If you want to know how long you have been playing this game the session timer is visible in the top right hand corner of the game screen.

Chance To Win

This Game has an RTP of 95.50%

To help you understand the chance you have of winning money while playing this game we use a value called the return to player (RTP). This means that this game will over a statistically large number of spins pay out on average 95.50 for each 100.00 staked. This is not a promise that it will pay out this amount every time, some people will win more than this amount some people will win less as this game determines its payout each spin using a UK certified random number generator(RNG), so over a large enough number of spins payouts will tend towards this level of return.


The outcome of each spin in this game is randomly determined in accordance with the advertised rules. The outcome of any one spin will not affect the outcome of any other spin. This game behaves fairly and has been independently tested to ensure it functions in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission regulations.

Maximum Liability

Aztec Secrets has a maximum prize of L10000.00 for any given bet cycle

The maximum prize Aztec Secrets will pay out in any given bet cycle is limited. Any prize over the maximum amount that would be won will instead be reduced down to this maximum value

The maximum prize that can be won on any one line in Aztec Secrets is cash value of L4000.00+bonus win (800 coins for 5 Bonus symbols on a win line with 5 coin multiplier and a coin value of 0.50 and the x2 free spins bonus from win lines in free spins and a further random bonus from the bonus feature).

Guide to Betting

This game is based on the stake of coins which, while being a bit more complicated, gives you the option to customise how much you are betting far more easily.

You have two balances visible in game:

At the bottom near the middle you have the balance of your account in real world money.

On the right above the PAYTABLE button you also have the number of coins available which is your balance converted into Coins.

These are there to help you see how much changing the coin value affects the amount of money you have to bet with to ensuring you are not mislead into betting more than you want.

The 'Bet' in the bottom middle of the screen is the amount of real world money you will spend when you press 'Spin'. The 'Bet' value on the far left above the lines selector indicates how many coins you are spending when you press 'Spin'.

You can alter the amount you bet in three ways, the number of win lines(LINES) , the number of coins bet on each win line (COINS) and the value of the coins being used(COIN VALUE). To calculate your bet value you multiply these three values together:

LINES x COINS = Bet amount in Coins

LINES x COINS x COIN VALUE = Bet amount in Cash

To determine the amount you have won from the coin value displayed on screen you use the following formula:

Coins Won x Coin Value = Cash Value won

The coins per line will have already been included in the number of coins won.


You can increase or decrease the number of active win lines by selecting one of the numbers from 1-25 besides the reels. Selecting a number will make active all win lines from 1 up to and including the selected number, for example selecting the number 5 will make win lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 active, selecting the number 25 will make all win lines active.

In addition to this you can increase or decrease the number of active win lines by using the lines selector at the bottom left of the screen


By pressing the min bet button, you will set the bet value to the minimum amount and Spin. This sets the game to 1 win line, 1 coin multiplier and a coin value of 0.01 this means that you are betting 0.01 each time you spin. It will also automatically spin once the values have been changed, if you wish to set everything to minimum without spinning use Reset Bets.


By pressing the max bet button you set the bet value to the maximum amount and spin. This sets the game to 25 win lines, 5 coin multiplier but does not change the coin value. It will also automatically spin once the values have been changed.


This sets the game to 1 win line, 1 coin multiplier and a coin value of 0.01 this means that you are betting 0.01 each time you spin. Pressing this button will not automatically place the bet.


This toggles an overlay to help you see all the active win lines, if you want to see a specific win line you can move the cursor over the corresponding number to the left or right this will just highlight that specific win line.


The Paytable describes all the different prizes that are available in the game. There are multiple pages you can browse through, some of them might have scroll bars on the right hand side to allow you to read more information.


This button allows you to access the 'Game Help and Rules' pages, this page is also accessible via the 'Rules' button in the Paytable screens.


The display settings menu can be accessed via the cog in the bottom left hand corner and allows you to change the quality of the display for better speed or performance.


As you mouse over this option a volume control slider will appear to let you adjust the game volume. Clicking the speaker itself will toggle the game into and out of Mute mode.


This button confirms your bet and spins the reels to determine your prize, once selected this is not cancellable or refundable except in the case of malfunction.

How to Win

There are two types of win - Normal wins and Scatter wins.

You win a normal win by matching symbols on selected win lines. All symbols must be matched on consecutive reels from left to right. Only the highest win on each line will be paid.

Scatter wins are triggered if enough of the symbols appear anywhere in view. These also pay a win if they are on a Normal win line.


Wild symbols will substitute for any prize symbol except Scatter and Bonus symbols. They will always act so as to pay the highest possible prize on any given win line. Wilds can only appear on reels 2,3 and 4.


To earn 10 free spins you need to get 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere in view.

All prizes won during Freespins are doubled.

All spins won as free spins are considered part of the bet cycle of the spin that triggered them. You cannot win more free spins while already playing free spins. Freespins will start playing automatically.

In addition to free spins if the scatter symbols also appear on a normal win line from left to right you will win the following prize: x3=100; x4=320; x5=750

Bonus Round

The Bonus Round is triggered if you get 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view.

In addition to triggering the Bonus Round it pays a prize if the Bonus symbols are a win line on consecutive reels from left to right. This win line combination will pay as: x3=110; x4=340; x5=800.

The bonus round will show a series of five rows of five tiles, in order to determine your bonus you have to select one tile from each row selecting a path towards the statue, as you select each tile amounts of money might fall into the cash pot for you to claim when you make it across.

A bet is placed only when it has been received by our server from your handset using our software. Once a bet has been placed it is final and binding and cannot be cancelled or changed. For the avoidance of doubt, a bet remains valid even if the result cannot for any reason be displayed back to your handset (due, for example, to a network failure, interruption of communication, or if you receive a phone call). In the event of a game termination, any relevant jackpot will be paid out on a random draw authorised by the regulator.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is up to 95.50%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company and monitored monthly.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay outs.

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.