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Live Casino Hold’em is a kind of poker with a live dealer from Evolution Gaming, leading developer of live games for online casinos. This poker will fit players with any bankroll starting from a few pounds and up to thousands. 

This is a variant of 5-card poker. The game is broadcasted from highly equipped studios in a high definition picture. Professional dealers are working behind the game tables. The dealers are change often, therefore, it guarantees a high quality of service. The chances of having a human mistake are minimum. 

Live Hold’em Evolution is payed using real cards, there is no RNG, the outcome of the game is a pure chance. Each hand is dealt after shuffling 52 cards in the machine. Additionally, the dealer cuts the cards each time they are dealt. 

Moreover, there is a big surprise in this game, Jumbo 7 Jackpot that allows each player to break the bank with a progressive jackpot. Its exact size is always shown to the right from the dealer. 

Live Hold’em Evolution is adapted to all of the operational systems, desktop and mobile devices. The game launches right in the browser window, no additional downloads required. 

This live poker has a great scaling. Several thousand players may be playing at the same time. Furthermore, the players are not playing against each other, but against the dealer. Upon entering the game, you will see how many players there are at the table. 

This game is supplied by Evolution Gaming and is certified by the UK Gambling Commission as having been independently tested and up to the required standards for players in the UK. If you experience any difficulties with this game or any other game you should follow our Complaints procedure and contact us.

Upon entering Live Casino Hold’em Evolution, you have to place a bet before starting the game. You may choose the chips at the pop-up menu. 

Live Casino Hold'em Evolution: starting menu 

Type of Bets 
The game has 4 fields for bets. 

Ante – starting bet. You may choose the minimum yourself, considering it is not lower than than that of the table. 

Bonus – additional bet. It may be put along with the Ante. The bet is played only on the first 5 cards. The payout is given if there is a pair of aces or a higher combo. 

Jumbo 7 Jackpot Bet – this is a bet playing for a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is paid according to the rules you may find below the jackpot figure itself. To break the bank, the player has to collect a 7-card straight flush. Although, there are other kinds of pleasant payouts except for the big one. 

Call – a bet made while the cards are being dealt. 

How to make the initial bet and start playing? 
If you have entered while the cards were being dealt, you may start playing with the next hand. You have to place an Ante first though. The player will receive 2 open cards while the dealer will have 2 closed cards, with 3 of the flop later on. 

Live Casino Hold'em Evolution: first bet 

Having received the cards, you may do a few things: 

Fold, if you do not wish to continue with the current hand. 
Make a Call (double Ante), if you want to continue. 
If you have not decided during the given time, the hand will be forfeited automatically. 

When the time for betting runs out, the dealer places the Turn and River. After that, the players open up. The players’ combo is successful if it is higher than that of the dealer’s. 

Live Casino Hold’em Evolution: Payouts 
In the main game with Ante bet, the combos are payed according to the following rules: 

Royal Flush- 100:1 
Straight Flush– 20:1 
Four of a Kind– 10:1 
Full house – 3:1 
Flush– 2:1 
Straight or lower – 1:1 
The RTP is 97.84%, the dealer s advantage is only 2.16%. 

If you have placed a Bonus, the payout is the following: 

Royal Flush- 100:1 
Straight Flush– 50:1 
Four of a Kind– 40:1 
Full house – 30:1 
Flush– 20:1 
Straight or lower – 7:1 
The RTP is 93.74%, the dealers advantage is 6.26%. 

The Jumbo 7 Jackpot Bet is triggered with the following 7 combos: 

7-card Straight Flush – Progressive Jackpot 
6-card Straight Flush – 5000:1 
5-card Straight Flush – 250:1 
Four of a Kind– 50:1 
Full house– 5:1 
Flush– 4:1 
Straight– 2:1 
The RTP at Jumbo 7 Jackpot Bet is 81.64%. 

After the end of every round, there will be shown a list of all players who had won.

A bet is placed only when it has been received by our server from your handset using our software. Once a bet has been placed it is final and binding and cannot be cancelled or changed. For the avoidance of doubt, a bet remains valid even if the result cannot for any reason be displayed back to your handset (due, for example, to a network failure, interruption of communication, or if you receive a phone call). In the event of a game termination, any relevant jackpot will be paid out on a random draw authorised by the regulator.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is as above. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company and monitored monthly.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay outs.