Locate Monopoly Slots Properties: Your Guide!

by Tim | Apr 14, 2023

Locate Monopoly Slots Properties: Your Guide!

The first UK version of the UK Monopoly board was introduced in the 1930s, a good 85 years before Monopoly slots – one of the most popular online slots in the UK – was conceived, and was based on the streets of London. Over the years, new properties from other parts of the UK were added to reflect the changing landscape of the country, but this is a guide to the classic Monopoly properties in London that we’ve all come to know and love. 

Old Kent Road

Location: Southwark, South East London

Average House Price: £813,000

Old Kent Road is a historic street in southeast London that runs from New Cross to Bermondsey. It is one of the oldest roads in London, with a history dating back to Roman times. Famously quoted in Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield and despite being one of the cheapest properties on the Monopoly board, Old Kent Road is now a diverse, bustling, and vibrant part of London.

Whitechapel Road

Location: Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets, East London

Average house price: £590,000

Now the A11 connecting London to Colchester, Whitechapel Road dates back to Roman times but was named in the 14th century after the Whitechapel district. Whitechapel is best known for its association with the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper who terrorised the area in the late 19th century. Today, it is known for its diverse immigrant community, and, while on the lower end, it’s still pretty expensive!

Kings Cross Station

Location: Euston Road, Camden

Average house price: £782,000

King’s Cross Station is one of London’s most iconic railway stations, known for its distinctive Victorian architecture and rich history. Originally built in 1852, King’s Cross is one of the busiest railway stations in the UK, with around 50 million passengers passing through every year, including Harry Potter at platform 9¾. 

The Angel Islington

Location: 1 Islington High Street

Average house price: £866,000

Known as the only property on the Monopoly board named after a building, The Angel Islington is no longer the cheap property listed in the game. It was seriously gentrified in the 1980s, and now a house can fetch over £1 million. A far cry from Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, which calls the Angel the place where “London began in earnest.”

A group of friends playing a board game around a table at a cafe.

Euston Road

Location: Euston Road, Central London

Average house price: £1,080,000

What began as a road to drive livestock to Smithfield Market, Euston Road was named after Euston Hall, the family home of the Dukes of Grafton. The road itself is unremarkable but is home to Euston Station and St Pancras Station, which is fronted by one of the most beautiful buildings in London, the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. 

Pentonville Road

Location: Pentonville Road, Central London

Average house price: £866,000

This is one of those roads that has its roots in the well-heeled residents of suburban London needing a route into central London to work but then retreat back to suburbia. Much like Euston Road, Pentonville Road is still very much a thoroughfare, and not really a destination. 

Pall Mall

Location: Westminster, London

Average house price: £1,380,000

Pall Mall is one of the most upmarket parts of London, lined by exclusive high-class shops and gentlemen’s clubs since the 18th and 19th centuries. Named after a 17th-century French croquet-like game called Paille-Maille, the famous street is home to a number of upmarket brands like Dunhill and even the fictional Diogenes Club in Sherlock Holmes. 


Location: Westminster, London

Average house price: £1,390,000

Whitehall is best known as the centre of the British government as well as home to Scotland Yard. Named after The Royal Palace of Whitehall, which was destroyed by fire in 1698, tourists flock to see the famed Houses of Parliament. As you might imagine, Whitehall has always been at the upper end of the property market. 

Northumberland Avenue

Location: Westminster, London

Average house price: £1,280,000

The road was built on the site of Northumberland House between 1874 and 1876 and remains a vibrant tourist attraction. Brimming with culture, Northumberland Avenue has been home to the Playhouse Theatre since 1882 as well as The Grand Hotel. The road is also a favourite haunt of Sherlock Holmes in at least two of the novels. 

Marylebone Station

Location: Westminster, London

Average house price: £1,100,000

Marylebone Station is considered one of the quietest London termini and, as such, is frequently used as a film location. This may hark back to the early history of the station when it was primarily used as a long-distance station and very nearly closed more than once. Today, the area surrounding Marylebone Station is considered very desirable and affirms its status on the Monopoly board. 

A hand rolling dice onto a colourful board game.

Bow Street

Location: Covent Garden, London

Average house price: £1,280,000

Bow Street is a creative’s paradise. Home to the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet, Bow Street is a favourite of the London high society and bohemian set alike. It is another famous thoroughfare immortalised by Arthur Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes novel, The Man with the Twisted Lip

Marlborough Street

Location: Soho Garden, Central London

Average house price: £2,480,000

Originally named Great Marlborough Street, this was always a fashionable street address to have from the 18th century. Interestingly, Marlborough Street on the Monopoly board actually refers to the Marlborough Street Magistrates Court, where Mick Jagger, Oscar Wilde, and John Lennon were all tried on various charges. Several distinguished people have lived here, including Charles Darwin and Thomas Hardwick. Today, it is a retail haven for fashion and high-end luxury goods. 

Vine Street

Location: Westminster, London

Average house price: £1,700,000

This is the shortest street on the Monopoly board, at only 70 feet long. Sadly, those of you whose Monopoly properties visits revolve around a pub crawl will have to make do with establishments on the adjacent Swallow Street, as there isn’t one on Vine Street. Interesting, considering that it was named after The Vine, an 18th-century pub that was likely named after a vineyard from Roman times. 


Location: City of Westminster, Central London

Average house price: £2,160,000

The Strand is the beating heart of London and forms part of the city’s famous West End and eventually becomes Fleet Street, London’s bustling publishing hub. Derived from the Old English word “strond,” meaning the edge of a river, The Strand runs along the north bank of the River Thames. Historically, the street was home to palaces, churches, and mansions, where many aristocrats resided. 

Fleet Street

Location: City of Westminster, Central London

Average house price: £1,080,000

Named after the River Fleet, along which it runs, Fleet Street is the famed thoroughfare where many of the UK’s most venerated newspapers were housed from the start of the 16th century to the late 80s when most of Britain’s national newspapers left to seek more affordable manufacturing premises. Lined with monuments and memorials to the British press, Fleet Street is also the home of the fictional murderer, Sweeney Todd. 

Trafalgar Square

Location: City of Westminster, Central London

Average house price: £1,280,000

Perhaps the most known of all of London’s tourist landmarks, Trafalgar Square is the hub of the many spokes that fan out into Central London and is rich with political and cultural history. Named after the Battle of Trafalgar, the square has been a landmark since the 13th century. Nelson’s Column, at the centre of the square, dominates with numerous other sites lining its boundary, including the National Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields, and South Africa House. 

Fenchurch Station

Location: Fenchurch Place, Central London

Average house price: £1,430,000

One of the smallest terminals in London, Fenchurch Station is also one of the busiest. Interestingly, it is not connected to the London Underground. It is, however, quite close to Tower Hill Underground Station. Apart from its utility as a train station, it has little to interest the average traveller. 

Leicester Square

Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £1,280,000

Named after Leicester House in 1670, the pedestrianised square became the heart of London’s West End theatre and cinema districts. The square has been embedded in modern folklore through song, theatre, and film, from The Rolling Stones to dazzling premieres and cult classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Coventry Street

Location: City of Westminster, Central London

Average house price: £1,900,000

People have been partying in Coventry Street since 1681 when it was deliberately constructed for entertainment and retail purposes. Since its early heydays as a seedy hive of gambling and prostitution, Coventry Street has evolved into a vibrant eating and party district, where it is rumoured that vampires come out at night. 


Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £2,000,000

Another landmark destination in London, Piccadilly is home to Piccadilly Circus, the circular junction where one of the most famous neon signs flashes at the corner of Regent Street. 

It is named after Robert Baker, who bought the land in around 1611 and used it to manufacture piccadills, the large lacy collars that were fashionable in the 17th century. Today, it is a shopper’s paradise and home to some of the most luxurious hotels in London, including The Ritz, Park Lane, and the Intercontinental. 

A group of friends eating popcorn and playing a board game.

Regent Street

Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £1,700,000

Regent Street is considered the premiere shopping street in London. Named after George, the Prince Regent, it was one of the first planned developments in London in around 1811 and remains an iconic landmark as a home to some of the city’s most upmarket stores, including Harrods, Hamleys, and the Apple Store. It is also where the BBC is headquartered. 

Oxford Street

Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £1,300,000

If you thought Regent Street was a shopping oasis, Oxford Street is probably the busiest shopping street in Europe. The street has its roots in Roman times and evolved through the centuries, eventually becoming the shopping mecca it is today. The retail transformation began in the late 18th century. Towards the end of the 19th century, department stores like Marshall and Snelgrove were established, giving way to Selfridges and  Woolworths in the early 20th century. Today, you’ll find almost every global and UK chain store along the street. 

Bond Street

Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £806,000

Bond Street doesn’t exist as a single street anymore, but is split into New Bond Street and Old Bond Street. Still considered primarily a retail street, Bond Street is famed for its upmarket fashion houses and fashion retail stores. It also houses prestigious and expensive stores like auction houses Sotheby’s and Bonhams, as well as Fenwicks and Tiffany’s jewellery shop. 

Liverpool Street Station

Location: Bishop’s Gate, North Eastern London

Average house price: £740,000

Apart from its fictional status as the most attacked train station by terrorists, Liverpool Street Station is pretty unremarkable as a property. It may be a coincidence that H.G. Wells also named it in his 1898 novel, War of the Worlds, where desperate residents took shelter when the Martians attacked. Its current average house price shows that it’s not quite the upmarket area, either. 

Park Lane

Location: City of Westminster, Central London

Average house price: £1,700,00

Park Lane is still considered one of the most desirable addresses in London, largely because of the aristocratic migration in the late 18th century. A visit to Park Lane yields multiple historic properties, including Breadalbane House, Somerset House, and Londonderry House. In the 19th and 20th centuries, new money arrived and turned it into a fashionable street with some of the most luxurious hotels, including the Dorchester and Park Lane Hotels. 

It is another street on which the intrepid Sherlock Holmes solved a murder. Beginning to see a pattern develop here? 


Location: City of Westminster, West End of London

Average house price: £3,150,000

This is still the most expensive location on the board as well as in real life. At a whopping £3,150,000 price for the average house, Mayfair retains the prestige it attracted in 1936 when it was immortalised on the Monopoly board. It is not a street, though, and is still one of the most expensive districts in the world. Named after the popular annual ‘May Fair’ – a largely rural market – the land was bought and gentrified by the Grosvenor family in the mid-17th century. Given its upmarket status, it isn’t surprising that it is considered an international art hub with many galleries and museums dotted around the area. 

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